MTL Services

Our main work is to provide individual and group Music Therapy sessions in Lambeth Schools and Children’s Centres.
MTL usually provide weekly sessions within normal school times and within the academic year. The length of the session depends on the needs of the child but we normally offer 30 minute sessions. The amount of sessions a child receives also depends on the needs of the child and whether they have achieved their therapeutic goals.
Sessions take place within a consistent time and space and we work with each school to establish the best possible solutions.
Sessions are on an individual or group basis. In some schools and Children’s Centres we also offer family group work.

‘Sign Wriggle and Rhyme’ sessions are our family group format. Families are invited to attend these sessions to provide a supportive space in which to share and improve all aspects of communication through a variety of musical activities. ‘Signing’ is often used as an integral part of this work offering an additional skill to parents. Puppets, colourful scarves, stretchy fabric  and a range of fun and accessible instruments form useful props in these playful and popular sessions.


Referral, assessment and report writing


Children are usually referred for Music Therapy via their schools Special Educational Needs Coordinator or SENCo using our Music Therapy referral form. If you would like your child or school to have access to Music Therapy please contact us for a free consultation and we will help you to set up some provision.


Assessment usually takes place over 2 sessions and aims to obtain a comprehensive picture of all aspects of a child’s development. This will include background history and details of any medical issues including other therapists that may be involved in supporting them. The therapist will also assess whether they think the child will benefit from ongoing Music Therapy input and suggest aims and objectives for the therapy.

Report writing

Our Music Therapists maintain written and either audio or video records of the therapy process and will draw upon these to provide termly reports to parents and teachers. We will also write reports as required for team meetings and statutory assessments. Reports will give detail about progress towards specific aims and objectives.

Project development

MTL has recently evolved a new initiative whereby Music Therapists are invited to work under the umbrella of MTL to develop their own projects. Sharing work development skills and supporting other therapists project development initiatives will hopefully bring new ideas into the borough and also more generally into the profession of Music Therapy. MTL hopes that these skills developed within the borough will also strengthen service development more generally within the U.K.

Service expansion

At Music Therapy Lambeth we aim to reach out to other professionals, groups and individuals within the borough to help direct our service development. If you would like to work in partnership on a specific project then do contact us. We welcome your ideas and input into potential areas for expansion.

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