Music Therapy Resources

British Association of Music Therapy- The national body for Music Therapists in the UK which also provides information and resources to the public about Music Therapy.

Jessie’s Fund - Music Therapy charity providing information and funding for Music Therapy initiatives around the UK.

Interactive Music Making - MTL has sent one of our co-therapists on this fantastic course which has then been utilised fully within a nursery setting.


Selective Mutism Resources

Selective Mutism Information and Research Association - UK charity providing information and support to families of children with Selective Mutism

SMIRA Facebook page  (v supportive for parents)

Afasic-Voice for life- supports parents and represents children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)

The Child Mind Institute - New York- lots of useful information and free videos on Selective Mutism and other topics.


  1. The Selective Mutism Resource Manual- Maggie Johnson and Alison Wintgens 2001
  2. Selective Mutism in Children- Tony Cline and Sylvia Baldwin 2004
  3. Tackling Selective Mutism- A guide for parents and professionals Eds.Benita Rae Smith and Alice Sluckin 2014



How intense is this silence? Developing a theoretical framework for the use of psychodynamic music therapy in the treatment of Selective Mutism in children with English as an additional language: a Heuristic case study- Kate Jones British Journal of Music Therapy Vol 26 No.2 2012


Lambeth based resources

The Walcot Foundation - Lambeth based charity providing funding for local organisations aiming to alleviate poverty.

Lambeth Voluntary Action Council – supporting the voluntary sector with information and advice.

Lambeth Safeguarding Children Board - providing information and free training on safeguarding children.



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