Music Therapy Resources

British Association of Music Therapy– The national body for Music Therapists in the UK which also provides information and resources to the public about Music Therapy.

Jessie’s Fund – Music Therapy charity providing information and funding for Music Therapy initiatives around the UK.

Interactive Music Making – MTL has sent one of our co-therapists on this fantastic course which has then been utilised fully within a nursery setting.


Selective Mutism Resources

Selective Mutism Information and Research Association – UK charity providing information and support to families of children with Selective Mutism

SMIRA Facebook page  (v supportive for parents)

Afasic-Voice for life- supports parents and represents children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)

The Child Mind Institute – New York- lots of useful information and free videos on Selective Mutism and other topics.


  1. The Selective Mutism Resource Manual- Maggie Johnson and Alison Wintgens 2001
  2. Selective Mutism in Children- Tony Cline and Sylvia Baldwin 2004
  3. Tackling Selective Mutism- A guide for parents and professionals Eds.Benita Rae Smith and Alice Sluckin 2014



How intense is this silence? Developing a theoretical framework for the use of psychodynamic music therapy in the treatment of Selective Mutism in children with English as an additional language: a Heuristic case study- Kate Jones British Journal of Music Therapy Vol 26 No.2 2012


Lambeth based resources

The Walcot Foundation – Lambeth based charity providing funding for local organisations aiming to alleviate poverty.

Lambeth Voluntary Action Council – supporting the voluntary sector with information and advice.

Lambeth Safeguarding Children Board – providing information and free training on safeguarding children.



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